No its not a war between breastmilk and formula milk because hands down BREASTMILK ALWAYS WINS

Its the constant questions mommies ask themselves when forced to by formula milk for their little ones due to certain circumstances

So many many brands and so many price want the best for your child but how to choose?how to get the best formula for your child?

First of all the question is does your child need formula milk?
Below 2 years old I would say yes
Above 2 years old I would say up to you.

** I define formula milk as any milk other than breastmilk

Heres why

1. Below 2 years old
– at that time we still define our child as babies and as babies main source of energy and nutrient come from milk…be it moms or formula milk…
-below 6months they are 100% dependant on milk
– below 1 years up to 50% intake are from milk
– between 1-2 years milk intake ranges from 30-50%
– during this phase it is best to provide them with the formula milk instead of fresh unpasteurized milk because formula milk has the range of macronutrients and micronutrient needed for their development

– many will fight with this to me
– but mommies daddies there is an explanation
– below 1 years old the needs of protein is lower than that of the adult population as the kidney is the baby is only starting to mature and run properly..hence we cannot burden their kidneys with extra protein/ same amount of protein that is contained in fresh milk
** can see in the pixture amount of protein in 100ml breastmilk is 1.3g only
– same goes to certain micronutrients example calcium…high amounts of these micronutrients can cause burden to the lil ones bodies as their requirements are not the same as ours.
– so when the percentage of protein lowers automatically either carbohydrate or fat increase…usually the carbohydrates..
– this is where we see added prebiotics (example gos,fos,inulin)…added fiber…and many more

– sugar is known as the white sugar/table sugar
– but scientifically known as monosaccharide/disaccharides…these includes from
1. Sucrose
2. Maltose
3. Lactose
4. Fructose

So the sugar thats in the formula is not white sugar per sae is sugar from the milk itself which is lactose..
What they mean by no addedd sugar is no aded white sugar
To confirm mommies& daddies can check the label
Under the main macronutrient carbohydrate it will state sugar (this is white sugar) if any..
So dont be alarmed when people say high sugar but it may mean high carbohydrates (where some formula contains up to 60%)

– so when i say formula milk is suitable its because they have a safety range for macronutrients and the micronutrients needed by the babies bodies (in fact there are so many bodies and regulations that monitor these formula milks to be safe and within the recommended range)
Below is the picture of comparison between breastmilk,formula milk and fresh milk..can read the whole article at this link

2. Above age 2 years old
– the kidney and physiological functions of your childs bodies (example dentition)have matured and can handle most or almost all of the food..what you eat they can eat..
– so at this age they can take fresh milk provided it is properly sterelized ok mommies..
– heck some even start at 1 years old fresh milk but I like to follow the recommendation to breastfeed until 2 years old…so anything else after 2 years??

So which formula milk to choose?what are the benefits of the claims?…hehehe next posting coz my kid just woke up

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